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Are you ready for Christmas retail?

Maximise your online revenue during the Christmas retail period

You wouldn’t leave a bricks and mortar shop unchanged for Christmas, online is no different.

As the hot summer moves on and we look toward Autumn / Winter, it’s worth considering that now is the time to begin preparations for the Christmas retail period so that you maximise your online revenue.

We all know that Christmas can make or break a good retail year, providing on average anywhere from 30% to %50 of annual retail transactions.  We also know from the ONS that thanks to the likes of ‘Black Friday’ and the need to manage online deliveries, the Christmas retail window now starts in November*.   So it makes sense that now is the time for optimising your sales process online, making sure you’re in a position to capture as much revenue as possible over the peak Nov-Jan period.

Test now to gain later

At WTCRO, we are experts in helping retailers increase their online revenue.   We consult with you to understand your business, identify key online retail goals, perform tests and analyse the results to help you achieve higher revenues.  You don’t want to start this process in November when the volume has already increased.  It makes sense to start analysing and testing now so that your changes are live and your retail site is optimised for the Christmas period.

If you want to increase your online revenue, get in touch now to discuss how we might improve your conversion rates – after all you’ve got nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain!


Noel Hennessy

Head of Marketing


*”In non-seasonally adjusted terms, shopping for Christmas has shifted in recent years from being mainly in December to more in November as consumers seem to be starting their purchasing earlier in line with Black Friday promotions.”


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