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Why We Give Away Our Knowledge

From the day we started trading, we’ve shared our knowledge freely to our clients. As our name suggests, we believe wholeheartedly in the value of broadening the knowledge of those we work with. And in 2020, at the start of a new decade, we’ve decided to take it one step further and give our knowledge away to those we don’t work with too. It’s taken us a few years to realise the importance of this, and we wanted to share how we got to this point – and perhaps even encourage others to do the same in future.

Knowledge is freely available

Knowledge used to be paid for. Then the internet came into being & the world changed. Suddenly anyone, from anywhere in the world, at any time, could access a wealth of knowledge in an instant. And any business that refused to accept that the world had changed & continued to try to sell knowledge fell by the wayside.

Free knowledge is generic

The wealth of knowledge available online is a huge benefit, but the very nature of the internet itself is also the downfall of that knowledge. Websites & apps are often referred to as “technologies”, or “channels”, but in reality they represent something very different. Online content of any kind effectively represents the ability for the owners of that content to interact with people on a grand scale. In the same way that the printing press revolutionised the number of people who could access the written word in the 15th century, the internet expanded that reach once again.

But that great reach comes at a cost. To be relevant to such a wide audience, much of the knowledge floating around online is generic – it might be about a specific subject, aimed at a specific audience, to be read at a specific time, but that still encompasses thousands, if not millions, of people & businesses. And so whilst that knowledge represents a good starting point for learning about a new topic, it cannot provide a substitute for a one-to-one conversation.

We want to educate

From the outset of our business, we have striven to educate. And that means our own team, our clients & our partner agencies. This comes from a series of judgements we’ve made across those different areas:

A skilled team has always been essential in any business, but the real strength of a team comes from the unique background & knowledge of each individual in it. If we can ensure that everyone in our team shares their knowledge freely & without restraint with each other, everyone learns & becomes stronger

A knowledgeable client is seen by some as a threat, but we’ve always seen it as an advantage. Knowledgeable clients result in more efficient delivery of work as they require less detailed explanation when they can see the principles they already know in action. Also, knowledgeable clients understand why things cost a certain amount of money – they understand the time involved & more importantly the level of skill required to deliver quality

Partner agencies might work with you initially because it’s something their client wants & they don’t want to lose the relationship. But if you spend time educating them on the value of CRO not only to their clients but to their business as well, you can create something very special. It can become a truly symbiotic partnership where each side understands & respects the skills of the other, and that only creates deeper value for the clients you work with together

To truly educate, we must educate specifically

As a culmination of the three sections above, it suddenly became very obvious that the only true way to add educational value in this decade is to educate specifically. Blog posts like this still have their uses if we are sharing something that meets our VIA criteria (Valuable, Insightful, Actionable) but if we really wanted to deliver on our aim to educate, we would have to go beyond the generic.

And that’s how we hit upon our Conversion Surgery – a totally free phone/video call, with 15-min bookable slots every day, to ask any question around CRO, one-to-one with Matt Scaysbrook, our Director of Optimisation. By making our knowledge available to all, and providing no barriers to accessing it on a one-to-one basis, we can not only educate, but educate individually.

We know that this won’t educate the world overnight because to truly impart individually valuable knowledge takes time & commitment. But for our part, in our little corner of the business world, we know that we’re trying to do the best we can.

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