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The largest domain registrar in the world, GoDaddy has almost 19m customers & over 78m domain names under management. Since acquiring a raft of European brands in 2017, GoDaddy EMEA has entrusted the CRO programmes of multiple brands in two countries to WeTeachCRO.



Coordinating work across five brands, five offices, 10s of team members & two timezones was always going to be a challenge

But, GoDaddy’s firm commitment to CRO as a discipline and their start-up principles of hustle, adapt, listen, repeat put them on a strong footing from Day 1.

Generating additional revenue was a hugely important part of their work with WeTeachCRO, but this soon extended into other areas such as New Customer acquisition and a more segmented, targeted approach to clearly-defined visitor types.


WeTeachCRO recognised the scale of this project

Therefore set a team of two Optimisation Consultants to work closely with the different GoDaddy teams. These consultants acted as a bridge between the multiple brands, enabling results & insights to be shared seamlessly with the wider business.

This centralised approach has enabled the teams to look not just at the immediate value of their testing, but to consider the longer-term impact of their results on the subscription products that GoDaddy provides.


“WeTeachCRO are able to absorb our data to develop new testing ideas, whilst applying what they’ve learned from other clients to bring us fresh ideas.


Annual return on investment

Group Director, GoDaddy EMEA