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Our CRO Methodology

A tried-and-tested way to generate exceptional online returns

CRO is intrinsically about people

It’s a well-known adage that business is conducted between people, not companies. So whether you run a B2B or B2C operation, it is essential that any optimisation efforts start with a firm understanding of who you are trying to influence.

Whether they are sat at a keyboard at work or on the sofa at home with their phone, understanding the motivations and desires of your prospective customers is the first step to creating the right environment for them. And don’t forget that your website is not a “technology”, it is a means of interacting with people on a grand scale.

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To be successful in CRO, you must drive decisions

Each action taken by a person is the result of a decision. Subconsciously or not, options and risks are weighed and each individual makes a call as to which to take.

In our CRO programmes, we help our clients to identify the key decision points within their processes and provide advice on how we can best influence people to take positive steps.

Goal – what are we optimising for?

It might sound obvious, but a defined set of goals is essential to CRO success; otherwise what can we judge success on? Some goals will be clear to you from the outset, but as your CRO programme develops, matures and likely expands, your goals will need to do the same.

Throughout your CRO programme, we will help you to identify the macro and micro goals for your overall programme, as well as individual test or experiment goals. And coupling this with what we already know about the people you are optimising for, we can advise on the right goals for the right audiences.

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Conversion Flow – how do people reach their goals

Knowing the routes that people take to reach their goals is the first step on the road to controlling those routes. And by controlling those routes, you can effectively guide and steer people towards positive outcomes for their visit.

At the outset of your CRO programme, our team will help you to map out those conversion flows, both for the “happy” paths and for the potential deviations. And by knowing where people can fall out of those flow, we can craft experiences to recover them, or prevent them from falling out altogether.

Conversion Narrative – telling good tales

If you’ve gotten this far(!), you already know that your website isn’t a “technology” but a means of interacting with people on a grand scale. And if you’re going to interact with people effectively, you must present them with a coherent story that delivers the right messages at the right time.

By this stage, your WeTeachCRO team will have helped you to tighten up your conversion flows and that control of where people go can now be used to ensure that the hierarchy of your messaging is right too. From making sure that key messages pass from offsite advertising into onsite content, to issuing critical order information at the appropriate moments, your conversion narrative is the final puzzle-piece in creating people-centric and profitable experiences.


Why choose WeTeachCRO

Our Strategy work isn’t just about providing a few ideas for you to test; it’s about laying the right foundations to build a long-term successful CRO programme. By sharing our methodology, our analysis and our insight, we can help you to see your site from your visitors’ perspectives. And that’s where the journey to truly successful optimisation begins.