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Our Partnership Methodology

How we work to create long-term value for our clients

A CRO agency built around long term value

CRO programmes increase in effectiveness over time.

The more you test, the more you learn about your site and its visitors, and therefore the more successful your programme will be.

We’ve seen this pattern repeat itself over many years and that’s why we focus on creating sustainable, meaningful partnerships with our clients so they get the very best CRO service and ROI.

So how do we create “sustainable” partnerships?

Long-term partnerships (of any kind) are built on avoiding flashpoints that could jeopardise their longevity.

We looked long and hard at these flashpoints and narrowed them down to five key areas. We then worked on a partnership model that could alleviate the risk of these flashpoints occurring, thereby ensuring the strength of our client partnerships and increasing the effectiveness of their CRO programmes as a result.

Flashpoint 1: Quality

For us, quality refers to all aspects of our service delivery. If one part falls belows par, it will have a negative impact across the board. And quality is not negotiable – as a client, you should expect and receive it.

To deliver exceptional service, you need a combination of skills and time – one without the other is no good:

Average Quality = Average Skill x Average Time Available

So we have recruited, trained, mentored and supported a highly-skilled, specialised CRO services team, and we provide them with the time that they need to deliver at their very best. And this means not overloading them with more clients than they can handle, even if it means a short-term loss in profitability.

Quality first, that’s just our way.

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Flashpoint 2: Speed

Speed is about delivery at the right time, not in the fastest time, You wouldn’t send a Christmas card in March just to prove that you delivered early.

So we think timeliness is a better measure here. There are so many interdependencies in CRO that working on projects that fit in with the sprint/development cycles of ours clients is essential to ensuring good, “speedy” delivery.

And let’s not forget about the “under-promise and over-deliver” mentality – whilst this is often seen as an agency thing, we think it’s more like a relationship thing. If both sides do this, everyone is happier and happier people work with each other to succeed, not for each other.

Flashpoint 3: Costs

Costs are an obvious potential flashpoint in any business relationship but if you analyse this area closely as we have, you’ll see that it is unexpected costs that are the real problem.

So to combat this, we enable maximum spend limits for clients alongside realistic expectations on the budget required to run a successful CRO programme. And with our proven track record of generating really strong ROI, we know that those costs are one of the most effective investments our clients will make.

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Flashpoint 4: Processes

Processes might not be sexy, but they are the most important means of mitigating surprises – and surprises are highly likely to generate flashpoints.

Our processes are clear, defined, documented and shared openly with all of our clients – and if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be much use in mitigating anything! And because we work on fixed costs, our processes are easy to justify – a fixed cost model depends on not creating unnecessary work for ourselves, so if it’s in the process, it’s because it needs to be.

Flashpoint 5: Results

One of the most obvious flashpoints and arguably the hardest to avoid. But by being open and honest about our performance, we think we’ve got this one nailed too.

Firstly, we make sure we know what our clients are judging as success and how they intend on measuring it – this makes sure that we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet before we start.

Secondly, we’re not arrogant enough to believe that we’re always right – we’re in the business of testing because, like anyone else, we don’t have all the answers. But we will work with you to gather as many of them as possible!

And finally, don’t forget about the very first statement on this page:

CRO programmes increase in effectiveness over time.

So if you’re only interested in tomorrow, we probably aren’t your guys.

But if you have grand plans for the future and want a CRO partner that’s as invested in those plans as you are, you’ve probably just found them.