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With over 350 restaurants in the UK, Nando’s is one of the behemoths of the British High Street. And when they started to work with WeTeachCRO in November 2018, it was with the aim of becoming as brilliant in the online world as they are in the physical one.



Nando’s were embarking on the great journey of bringing their offline success into their online presence.

With significant investments in both internal and external teams, they knew the importance of CRO in being able to scientifically improve the experience for their customers. However, they knew that branching into this area would require the support of the dedicated, expert team to guide them.


WeTeachCRO recognised the importance of training and close collaboration with the Ecommerce team at Nando’s from the outset

This was a huge factor in winning the original pitch. The ability to upskill & develop the Nando’s team was an integral part of the strengthening of this partnership.


“We feel like we learn something new and insightful each time we speak to you!”


Annual return on investment

Ecommerce Manager, Nandos