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The 6-Step CRO Strategy

Putting your website visitors at the heart of your CRO

What is the 6-Step CRO Strategy?

Our Strategy is designed to provide a strong basis for the start of a new CRO programme, or to reinvigorate an existing programme that has gone stale.

The Strategy operates as all CRO strategies should; focusing on the visitors you are trying to influence, what drives them & what their needs are. Because if you don’t do this, it isn’t a strategy at all.

“We knew that testing was something we should be doing but didn’t really know where to start. The team at WeTeachCRO took care of everything from Day 1 and have shown us just how valuable testing can be for a business of our size.”

Jake Smith, Director
Absolute Reg

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Get on the right track with your CRO programme

We all get tunnel-vision sometimes; spend too much time looking at the same site and you start to look past its flaws.

But your website visitors don’t do that, so getting a fresh set of eyes that puts those visitors first can help you to get onto the right track with your CRO programme.

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“WeTeachCRO are able to absorb our data to develop new testing ideas, whilst applying what they’ve learned from other clients to bring us fresh ideas.”

Nick Leech, Group Director
GoDaddy EMEA

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Define Goals

In order to provide the right Strategy, we need to know what goals we are optimising for. So as part of our initial kick-off session, we will discuss and define up to three Business Goals to guide and shape your Strategy.

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Existing Data Analysis

Most of our clients provide access to their web analytics platform(s) at this stage; but our Strategy work isn’t limited or constrained by one type of data. We take onboard marketing personas, target audience types, tone-of-voice and branding documents, and virtually anything else(!) to give us a better view of your current situation. And yes, we’ve worked with pre-trading and pre-launch sites that have no web analytics data at all!

But regardless of what data you have, this Step is essential in setting the groundwork for your CRO opportunities, their scope and their potential value.


The Visitor-Led View

This Step pulls together your Goals from Step 1 and your Data from Step 2 into a coherent view of your key Visitor Types. We start with what we already know about them and then hypothesise as to their Drivers (what brings them to your site in the first place) and their Needs (what are they looking to achieve on your site). We then take those elements and match them with the appropriate Goals that your business has for your visitors.

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Conversion Flows

Conversion Flows represent the functional steps required for visitors to achieve a Goal on your site. And that starts with your offsite marketing, not just when they hit a landing page. By mapping out these Flows, we a get a strong sense of the ease of movement through the site, and can identify key areas where positive steps forwards could be problematic.


Conversion Narratives

Conversion Narratives are the stories and key messages presented to a visitor along their Conversion Flow. So by understanding those Flows and therefore the movement of your visitors, we can assess the effectiveness of the Narratives that follow them. Key areas include consistency from offsite marketing to landing pages, timing of purchase-influencing messages, and the right balance between detail and brevity.

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Recommendations and Test Ideas

Taking in everything we have learned from Steps 1-5, we create a series of Recommendations (things you should change right away) and Test Ideas (things you should test before committing to change). These Test Ideas then form a strong roadmap of 15-20 concepts to really spearhead your CRO programme.

Why choose WeTeachCRO?

Our Strategy work isn’t just about providing a few ideas for you to test; it’s about laying the right foundations to build a long-term successful CRO programme. By sharing our methodology, our analysis and our insight, we can help you to see your site from your visitors’ perspectives. And that’s where the journey to truly successful optimisation begins.